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दोहा शिक्षण 

by Usha Pandya

GHSS, Marjeevi, Nimbahera, COR                     SIQE EXHIBITION VIDEOS

Primary Section Videos

Use of Tablets

Learning is Fun

We Love Learning

Students Using Interactive Board

Use of tablets in GHSS Marjeevi

SVGMS Gangapur City

SIQE Activities

Multiplication is through simulation

shabd chakt matra sahit

use of projector for peer teaching-learning

antar dhundho

chal mere ghode, baalgeet

he bhagwan baal geet

kaun banega maha vijeta

kids counting

kids room

learn through magnetic board

match stick activity 1

match stick activity 2


origamy activity

our teacher's poem

ped lagayein aise

rhyme time

story time

vyakaran paheli






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Teaching in Marjeevi School

Best Practices in Education

Active Learning to ensure 

Quality Education and Retension

Marjeevi School At a Glance


 Photo Album SIQE Activities 

And SIQE Exhibition



Secondary Section


save electricity 1 

save electricity 2

 Science Class

Exhibitiion Opening and

Rain Water Harvesting



Periscope and Keledeoscope

Primary and Secondary Colours

Rolling and Sliding Objects

Family Tree




2D and 3D Objects


Polynomials - Bahubhuj

Kachha and Pakka House


Drip Irrigation


Find The Odd Man Out

Parts of a Plant

Districts of Rajasthan


Magnetic Cut Outs