A Collection from ELTI, Rajasthan

( Lessons developed by Mr. Rajendra Prasad Mahi, Mrs. Poonam Yadav, Mr. Kayyum Khan and Mr. M.L. Soni)


      AUDIO LESSONS (For reading and Listening Practice)  


Activity 2 Listening Game.pptx
Class 5th  Class 12th  Class 10th Class 12 ppts
    G 10.01 The Book_That Saved The Earth 1_The_Last_Lesson
5.2 Pranayam.mp3 R 12.02 Third Thoughts  G 10.02 On Violence 9_Lost_Spring 
 5.03 Eng The Rats and the Elephants  R 12.06 Deep Water G 10.03 Positive Health  6_Deep_Water
5.04 School Is A Temple R 12.08 Indigo  G 10.04 The Tale of the Bishnois  4 THE RATTRAP PART 1
5.05 Adding Colours R 12.09 Lost Spring     4_The_Rattrap
 5.06 The Dussehra Festival R 12.10 Journey to the End of the Earth     5_Indigo
5.07 Who Will Play With Me?  R 12.11 On The Face Of It   Other Topics 
 5.08 A Ginie Whom No One Liked P 12.05 Love Across The Salt Desert.mp3     New 10th sample paper PDF.pdf
 5.10 Say No To Tobacco P 12.08 The Last Lesson     

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the file phonetics

5.11 A Talkative Tortoise  P 12.10 The Rattrap.mp3    phonetics interactive 
 5.12 Chittorgarh A Glimpse of Glory P 12.11 The Tiger King n     important explanations.docx.pdf
5.13 Firefly in My Room       verb forms.pdf
 5.14 A Gurubhakt Girl Kalibai     Adverbials.pdf 
 5.15 The Choice Is Yours