NAME                                             :             D. KAVITA

HUSBAND’S NAME                   :             ANIL FADNAVIS

DATE OF BIRTH                        :             13-05-1963

QUALIFICATION                       :             M.A. in English, B.Ed., P.G.D.C.A., M.C.A.

MOTHER TONGUE:                                 TELUGU


TEACHING EXPERIENCE       :             33 YEARS

EXPERIENCE IN ICT                :             8 YEARS

SPECIAL WORK DONE:                       Result Computation Application,

Virtual Class,

Use Of Podcast,

Result Summery Upload Application

Web Development

Founder and Leader of CTOR Group

E-Content Development

Project Based Learning

SIQE implementation

Video Tutorials for Teachers


  • National Award for Teachers 2011
  • National ICT Award for Teachers 2010
  • State Co-Ordinator for ICT and Satellite Education
  • Attended a six week Teacher Exchange Program in U.S.A.
  • Leader of state e-learning core group
  • Member of ELTI editorial board
  • Creator of Multimedia Educational CD  for class 8th science
  • Presented guest lectures for the students of engineering at Singhania University, Udaipur.
  • Worked as Quiz master and  Quiz Organisor at state level Quzes conducted by SIERT Udaipur
  • Imparted training in ‘Spoken English’ to teachers of Govt. schools
  • Member of RMSA Module writing and Review Team
  • Member of ‘Shala Darpan’ Team
  • Written articles on Education Technology in the departmental magazine ‘Shivira’
  • Contributed projects to Microsoft PIL
  • Represented  Rajasthan in various workshops  at National level

ü   ‘the use of Computer Technology’ in the state of Punjab

ü  in preparing ‘A Handbook for the teachers of of Mathematics’ at NCERT

ü  at the conference conducted jointly by UNESCO and INTEL

ü  at the National level workshop on  EDC

ü  Intel Workshop

ü  ICRW survey made by Allison M Glinsky, a member of ICRW from Washington D.C. visited my school to know the ground reality of my work

ü  as a member for framing ‘ICT curriculum for the ICT teachers’ for a two year Diploma Course.



What is CTOR?

It is a group of self motivated govt. teachers of Rajasthan giving honorary off duty services with a noble cause of strengthening ICT in Education. It is mentored by Shree Bhaskar A. Sawant, IAS, Hon’ble Director of Secondary Education during the period from 2009 to 2011. So far the group has contributed to the department in the following ways.

Any application developed by any of the members of this group is always tested and supported by all the members. That is why we give credit to the team and not to any individual teacher. It is helping the students, the teachers and the administrators both at school level and higher level.

Helping the Management and Examination

  1. Developed the Result Computation Application in 2009.

It is an application developed in Micro-soft Excel 2007 in such a way that the class-teacher is expected to feed the students’ details and the marks obtained in all tests and exams. in all the subjects and there ends the responsibility of the teachers. The result-workbook calculates the mark sheet in different ways, such as totals, percentages, grades, results applying all the conditions as per the departmental norms and gives a ready to print statement of marks, progress reports, supplementary result sheet, related graphs and all such documents as required by the department. It was initiated by a single teacher and when ready presented before the Director and fortunately accepted immediately and made mandatory for all schools and is popularly known as RESULT SOFTWARE. It is this application which has lead to the formation of CTOR group which now has members and contribution from teachers not only of Rajasthan but also from other states of India.

  1. Developed a website

This website is by teachers and for teachers and students. We do not even accept advertisements. We fund it from our own pockets.

  1. Developed the Result Summary Application in 2011.
  2. This was such an online dynamic application with a data-base stored on the website of
  3. Developed an excel application e-Scholar Register in 2011.

It is a very useful excel workbook meant for the head of the institution of any school. The students’ record is fed into this workbook at the time of admission and the entire data will be available through out the year. It can be filtered on any of the given fields. It serves the purpose of data delivery to the department within minutes. It also generates computerised Transfer Certificates of students. It gives information at fingertips. But Shala Darpan, an all comprehensive  and more useful program has proved to be a better option for this application.

  1. IICT-Instant Information Collection Technique Working continuously towards the implementation of IICT (A step towards paperless office)

This is a form developed in google docs or using Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended Any school or teacher may fill in this form and submit it using his/her mail id. It is an excellent way to collect information from the field in minutes. It generates all kinds of analytical reports and graphs. It has been tested and appreciated by the department but never implemented seriously though it is totally free and highly reliable.

  1. Developed a Bulletin Board.

All the circulars delivered by the govt. from time to time are available under this tab of the website so as to reduce the time and the burden of stationery and postage. This bulletin board is presently being used only by the DEO Ajmer 1 and DD Ajmer. They never send any circular to any school, instead they send it to CTOR group and ask them to upload it to the site. All schools of Ajmer Mandal and particualry Ajmer district have developed a habit of checking the bulletin board every morning and downloading the circulars and doing the needful.

  1. Income Tax Calculation

It is a micro embedded application in excel where a tax payer needs to complete his profile by filling his posting and basic pay details. It generates GA 55, form no 16, Tax Calculation Docs and all docs required for Tax Payment. It is popular among teachers as well as the employees of police department.

  1. Bill Register and Budget Control.

The school just need to  prepare the profile of the school, select the head-wise bills, enter the amount. Head-wise budget control and monthly expenditure. The Entire bill registered in well maintained.

  1. ACP Arrears

A teacher needs to just write the date from and to of sanction of ACP and the arrear bill is ready.

  1. Mid-Day-Meal

Takes stock entry and daily student attendance as input and gives the stock register, monthly and annual report as output.

Help to students and teachers in Education

  1. Provides the teachers and students with Useful Links

Links to useful websites such as Board of Secondary Education, Rajshiksha, Finance Department, PF department are available for official purpose. Links to educational websites are available.

  1. Devleloped e-Content

E-content in various subjects for various classes in the form of powerpoint, video and audio lessons, quizzes and apps has been developed by this group. Every this is free for use.

  1. Devleloped e-Test

Self evaluating e-test containing 60 objective type questions in each topic helpful to students in preparing for competitive exams. As soon as the student finishes the test and asks for the score, he is given an alert of locking his answers and when he agrees to lock, he gets his score with or without negative marks (as per his choice) and he is prohibited to make any changes in his answers thereafter.

  1. Produced a good number of  Screen Cast Videos.

A very useful way of helping the novices using the various applications available on For example if the head of an  institution wants to prepare online pay bill, it is not necessary that he/she is good at computer operation, but he/she can still accomplish that job after going through the related video where everything is explained practically with audio in Hindi.

  1. Videos to support Project Utkarsh. Hob’ble CM of Rajasthan has recommended all schools to run the Utkarsh Project. We are training the schools, teachers and students in running this project through our videos.
  2. Convened the project ‘Cell Phone Aided Learning’

Keeping in view the requirement and the level of English among the students of class IX, particularly in rural areas, a proposal was sent to the Director of Secondary Education which was immediately accepted. Audio lessons for class IX English have been made available for all schools. They are still available on the ctor website as well as ELT website. These lessons can be copied into mobile phones, ipods and such other devices.

  1. Vigyan Kaksha.

It is a blog developed by one of our members. It has a daily update of lessons, videos, tests, quizzes, discussions of science teachers.

  1. Mobile apps.

One of the members of CTOR group is an app developer. He contributes in the form of educational apps.

  1. Introduced the concept of Virtual Class in Rajasthan. Introduced the concept of virtual teaching to give the benefit of one teacher and 10 classes simultaneously so that students can have the benefits of distance learning. Presented lessons from Nimbahera that were received at Banswara, Ajmer, Jhalawad and Sawai Madhopur simultaneously. All lessons being interactive and involving student’s active participation. This program was initiated three times

13-11-2010 demonstrated to and participated by Bhaskar A Sawant, The director of Secondary Education,

08-02-12 demonstrated to and participated by Bhaskar A Sawant, The Secretary, School and Sanskrit Education,  Govt of Raj.,

05-05-12 demonstrated to and participated by Har Sahay Meena, The director of Secondary Education. This time it was a tremendous success, a physics lecturer guiding for practicals from Banswara and the students following his instructions and performing the practical at Udaipur in the supervision of another physics lecturer and students from Ajmer raising doubts and the doubts being clarified by the teacher working from Udaipur.

  1. Conducted a workshop on SPOKEN TUTORIALS

Worked with the team of Prof. Kannan Moudgalya IIT BOMBAY on a MHRD, Govt. of India project “Talk To The Teacher” conducted under National Mission on Education through ICT in making open source softwares such as Libre  Office and Geogebra popular among teachers of govt. schools in Rajasthan.

  1. Planned for and conducted State Level 12 day  training for teachers at the time of ICT Phase I asset hand over program and assisted Mrs. Veenu Gupta, Principal Secretary, Education and Mrs. Veena Pradhan, Director, Secondary Education. 
  2. Arranged for the monitoring of teacher trainings by the department head through skype to ensure 100% attendance and seriousness of the trainings.
  3. Trained SSA staff at State Office in the use of Google Docs and Shared Drive concept.
  4. Taught Vaidik Mathematics to the American students and presented quiz on the topic though Kahoot and more such applications being used in America.
  5. Turning a mobile handset into a projector in a primary class devoid of electricity in a small village in Banswara district.
  6. Trained more than a hundred teachers in preparing presentations, and preparing study stuff for Board exams.,  LDC’s in using computer for paperless office Banswara.